Predictive Talent Management

How do you achieve various Talent Management metrics under acceptable norm?

How will you ensure the effectiveness of various Employee development programs?

Weather you are going to hire new set of employees or building next generation of Leadership inventory or retaining top talent, Assessments are the most valuable tool to get closer to reality in predicting success and training outcomes. HR Views, Assessment platform of Taurus Management, administer various psychometric Assessments for effective Talent Management Approach. To begin with, these tools facilitates in deciphering the candidate' ability and skills for the job. More over, the very same tool can be administered for the existing employees.

  • to isolate various competencies of the top performers for further refining the JD,
  • the Gaps observed through the report generation helps in administering various Learning Interventions
  • Creation of Internal Talent pipeline

These Assessment tools are predominantly aimed to understand the work style and performance behavior, Personality styles, Behavioral competencies, Occupational interest, Emotional Quotient and Sales Assessments, Leadership evaluation through 360 degree feedback.

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