Welcome to Taurus Management Services

Today’s organizations cater to increasingly diverse and dispersed global markets with conflicting expectations .They have the existential challenge of operating in a turbulent climate of constant uncertainty amid the assault of competition ;yet need to deliver results exceeding expectations.

Why Companies struggle with unending deadlines and unable to deliver results as per the business demands when the global market is connected by technology?

We pitch in here to help organizations focus on their key strengths and excel in their key result areas. We tackle the urgent challenges and deadlines of non core areas with error free precision which results in saving cost, time & complications.

We offer outsourcing services in the areas of:

  • Payroll and Workforce Management
  • Finance and Accounting process
  • Predictive Talent Management
  • HR and Training Services

Client's Speak

"Your quick response to queries coupled with elaborate reporting tools to your customers is superb!!! In this trying times, it is great to find a company that cares and does the right thing. You will continue to have my business association for a long time to come."
- Sanjeev Menon, Director Cross Trade Marketing and Trading (P) Ltd

"I'm quite impressed with "Taurus management team" to provide the means / skills needed to resolve the issues and also amazingly various reporting tools . Again, many thanks! "
- Bibin Mathews, GM, Marshal Security Services

Our heartfelt congratulations to Taurus Management team........ More personally, from our side in Payroll process to yours in Taurus Management, thank you for the success in this extraordinary journey with us, to pioneer the process Support."
- Ajay, Partner, Spectrum components

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