Payroll and work force Management

Outsourcing the payroll has many advantages. It helps in saving 25 to 30% percentage time of top-level executives besides the infrastructure costs associated with the same. Some features that needs merit while outsourcing to Taurus Management Services


Finance and Accounting Process

Financial accounting is a fundamental back office process that includes general ledger (GL), accounts payable (AP) and accounts receivable(AR). The industries incorporates certain business processes with specific accounting procedures that have been adopted and endorsed.


Predictive Talent Management

Weather you are going to hire new set of employees or building next generation of Leadership inventory or retaining top talent, Assessments are the most valuable tool to get closer to reality in predicting success and training outcomes


HR and Training

With an aim to provide synergize our activities for the client Companies we partner with, we are providing the training services in the field of sales and marketing, Customer service, soft skills and Leadership management. The approach adopted is in various stages.


Partner Programs

Currently we are expanding to all the major cities across India for our outsourcing services, HR and Training activities. If you are looking forward to an exciting growth path, please drop in with your company profile to indicating which of our services you are interested in partnering with us